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MYV; a miyavi community!

雅-miyavi- (MYV) community!
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welcome to m_y_v at livejournal.com, which is a community on livejournal dedicated to the japanese solo-artist miyavi [MYV] (formally known as miyabi). this community was made for the many fans of this very talented, and extremely attractive, singer so they can share information about themselves (when first joining), share any made icons, banners, post any information, updates, and every other thing i haven't thought of! this community is an open-membership type, so feel free to join. this community is owned, moderated and maintained by lassie.


there are a couple of rules, but they're not that hard to follow. first off, please keep this community miyavi oriented as much as possible! advertising is allow, but please, do not spam the community. if you're showing icons, you can post a few samples/teasers, but put any other icons behind cut-tags [<*lj-cut text=""> just remove that *]. the same goes for images large length and/or width wise. suggestions to improve the community can be suggested, because i want this community to be well-known through-out livejournal. if you have any questions, e-mail me at miyashi@gmail.com


-- masakarasu; translation of miyavi's diary [livejournal.com]
-- oresama_shikou; translation of miyavi news [livejournal.com]
-- PS COMPANY 雅ショップ; get official miyavi merchandise! [in japanese]

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